What is ‘Out and About’?

'Out and about' is a project designed to help residents to recover from traumatic experiences and to help them during the course of rebuilding their lives. Our residents are single homeless people or people at risk of homelessness and most of our residents do not have the money or the ability to be able to get involved in activities or go out to places of interest.

We want to provide residents with the opportunity to visit places in the region as a social, recreational and learning experience. This will include visits to museums, galleries, the theatre, country parks, the coast and local events and activities.

Why do we want to do this?

We believe that these activities will help residents who have had chaotic lifestyles and have experienced poverty and depression, to begin to rebuild their lives. The activities we propose will provide valuable social contact and will help them to build their confidence and self-esteem. The visits will also provide valuable learning and social interaction opportunities.

How will we deliver the project?

We plan to provide occasional opportunities for residents during the course of the year including trips to museums, galleries, the theatre, the countryside and other places of interest. We will aim to offer 10-12 places on each trip/activity/event. Each activity will have a number of measurable outcomes which will be planned before the activity and assessed after the activity.

How will we monitor the outcomes from the project?

We need to know how successful or otherwise the activities we provide are to our residents. Feedback will be obtained after events and activities through the completion of feedback forms and through one-to-one meetings. Exit interviews (when residents move on to new accommodation) will also be used to obtain feedback. Feedback will be used to monitor individual and group progress and to inform the planning of future activities so that outcomes can be maximised throughout the project. Feedback from the project will be published on our website and in our regular newsletters.

The proposed outcomes are;

  • Engagement in social activity - how well do residents interact with each other? Are opportunities provided to establish new friendships?
  • Learning - what learning opportunities are provided, including increased knowledge, understanding, engagement in new activities and the development of new interests?
  • Improved behaviour - what positive outcomes are evident from the activity in terms of the individuals’ behaviours after the activity, including improved staff/resident relationships and tenant/tenant relationships?

What will the project cost?

We require £2,500 to arrange visits/activities for up to 12 residents each time.

This is broken down as follows;

Refreshments - sandwiches and drinks for day trips £350

Mini bus hire (East Durham Community Transport or Communicare) £1,300

Entry fees (theatre tickets, entrance to sites, galleries, museums, buildings or events) £350

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