Barry came to stay with DASH in 2008. He required supported accommodation as he was struggling to live on his own. He initially lived in Wakenshaw Road when DASH had premises there but soon moved into one of our other projects which was longer term accommodation.

Barry has learning difficulties, is on the Autism Spectrum and has disabling physical disabilities. Despite this he was always cheerful and very inquisitive. When tradesmen would carry out work at the premises Barry would love to be there asking questions about what they were doing and giving advice, whether wanted or not! He was a keen reader, loved video games and TV.

After several years with DASH Barry was ready for more independent living and eventually moved into his own flat which was closer to his mother and other relatives in Sunderland.

He was a pleasure to work with and always brought a smile to the faces of DASH staff.

Barry left behind an elongated and neglected cactus plant which he didn’t want to take with him so we have relocated it to our new office in Gilesgate where it will provide a permanent reminder of Barry!