DASH residents have been learning new cookery skills under the excellent guidance of the Canny Kitchen aka Carolyn Hough. Carolyn has delivered two cookery workshops for residents in our Hudson House training room, showing them through live demonstrations how to cook a range of simple dishes.

The dishes have included; chicken & sweet potato soup, beef meatballs and tomato sauce, chicken fajitas, Lebanese chicken wraps, minced beef curry with brown rice, lentil & winter vegetable soup and chicken chow mein. Residents have enjoyed eating the meals that Carolyn has prepared at the end of the sessions and they have also enjoyed decorating cakes.

The sessions have included quizzes about cooking and food hygiene and Carolyn has provided residents with tips on food budgeting and menu planning.

Carolyn said “I have thoroughly enjoyed delivering these cookery workshops, the residents have been very attentive and have enjoyed getting involved, working with each other and learning new skills and techniques. I hope this learning will help them to be more independent and enable them to look after themselves by eating better, more nourishing and healthy food“.

For more information about the Canny Kitchen please visit http://www.thecannykitchen.co.uk/