Your name

 Gary Raisbeck 

How long have you worked at DASH?

 Since September 2004 

What work did you do prior to working with DASH?

I was an Assistant Manager in a builder’s merchants for over 9 years. I then gained my qualifications as a Joiner and enjoyed being employed as a 2nd fix joiner for a large construction company in Northumberland.

In 2003 I volunteered for DASH and Waddington Street Centre whilst being employed by Allied Healthcare as a support worker, working with people who had challenging behaviour and learning disabilities. In 2004 I started my employment at DASH.

What is your role and what particular skills/strengths do you have that help you to do your job?

I started my employment with DASH as a relief worker, covering staff holidays and sickness. I then became a full-time Support Worker.

I am now employed as the Systems Support Facilitator. I ensure workers can access the required technology and have the hardware that they need to carry out their daily tasks both effectively and efficiently.

Having had a keen interest in computers and software applications for nearly two decades, has stood me in good stead in learning and developing my IT skills which helps me in carrying out my role today. I am involved in ISO9001:2015 (quality standard), IMS (Investment Management System), communications and marketing and I manage the DASH social media accounts. I also carry out performance monitoring and data management duties to keep the organisation ticking over.


What are the main challenges involved in carrying out your role and how do you try to overcome them?

One of the main challenges is keeping up to date with technology as it is forever evolving and becoming more advanced.

Time – there are never enough hours in my working day.


Is there any other information or are there any other comments that you think might be of interest to readers of the newsletter/visitors to our website? Please include something about yourself that is interesting/different!

For a number of years my wife and I ran a stall at Tynemouth Sunday Market selling handbags, jewellery and personalised gift boxes.

Nowadays, in my spare time I run a small business Gladstone Websites, designing and hosting websites.

My wife and I also own a caravan which we love to get away in with our pug Alfie.

When I have the time, I enjoy playing guitar and synthesiser but, not at the same time!