Nicky Robinson from Thornley has recorded a version of ‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’ The song is being used to raise money to help homeless organisations including DASH.

Uploaded Project Aid at 

Also on YouTube at:

Nicky said;

“We have 6 singers and 1 lyricist

6 Singers:

Nicky Ré, (Nicky Robinson), Thornley, 22

Therese Carroll, Newcastle, 28

Craig Riley, Middlesborough, 27

Bryoni Askew, Consett, 16

Kati Gill, Kent, 32

Sarah Coleman, 24

1 Lyricist (Rapper) who wrote the rap part

Voykl - Kye Huggins, 32

Amber Woollett, 22, from Brandon, changed the lyrics to relate the song more to homelessness. 

This is the donation link;


I asked Vokyl why he became involved and what it meant to him and he said this:

I'm 32, I’ve lived independently since I was 15. I got robbed and left with nothing but the clothes on my back. I've had to stay at a friend's flat that had no electricity or gas for 6 months and it was not easy and recently I had to give up my private rented flat because I had to move jobs and couldn't afford it anymore and if it wasn't for my partner Kayleigh Thomas I would be homeless right now. I can see how easy it is to be in that situation. I think what you're doing Nicky is amazing and I along with a huge percentage of the world have loads of good intentions of helping but life can get in the way so this is my way of doing something towards helping.

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