cast and crew

A group of Durham University students organised a murder mystery night at the Stag's Head bar in Collingwood College, on February the 18th. The cast were a group of students and although they only had 2 weeks to organise the event and rehearse, it was a great success and was very well attended. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and in the process they raised £285 to support the work of DASH. In the picture above Jake Lennon (left (top image)) who directed the performance and Ali Stanfield (right (top image)) present the generous donation to DASH Operations Manager, Janet Boyle. Jake said “As the event was so successful and everyone enjoyed themselves, we would like to organise similar events in the future to help you guys deliver your valuable services” DASH would like to thank Jake, Ali, the rest of the cast and the whole audience for their kind contribution to our work.