Nathan’s marriage broke up and he found himself “in a really bad place”. He became homeless and found himself sleeping rough. His mother lives in France. She got wind of his situation and moved him to France for a while so he was able to work out what to do and where to go.

But after a while Nathan felt stuck in France, “I stayed long enough to sort myself out but couldn’t find work and didn’t speak the language”.

He discovered that he needed to get back to the UK to move on. He had to be on English soil in order to get anywhere. Nathan said “I couldn’t earn any money because I couldn’t find work”. I was told I’d have to turn up in the UK with my bags and then go from there.

Nathan was referred to DASH by Lifeline. He had been referred to them by Crisis. Nathan rang DASH but because he couldn’t travel to the UK for an interview an interview was arranged over the phone from France. He wasn’t sure where he would be but he was willing to take anything as he wanted to be back in the north east to rebuild his life. He had lived in the north east for a long time before. He sent paperwork over and then came over, completed the paperwork and was found accommodation quickly.

Nathan said “I needed to be here to find work. Being back in the north east was a real bonus for me”.

When asked how he felt when he was offered accommodation and support, Nathan said “Relief, massive, massive relief”.

DASH helped Nathan including the paperwork needed to claim benefits. Nathan said “Everything I’ve needed at this moment they’ve helped with, they’ve been a massive help to me”.

When asked about his plans for the future, Nathan said “I want to find work first, that’s the main thing. Once I’ve got work I want to sort myself out some housing. Find work, get my own place and get myself back on my feet”.