The new DASH website has been designed and built with grateful thanks to the Transform Foundation who have provided the funding. The new site was much needed as the old site had become dated and was not particularly user friendly.

The development of the new site started in August 2016 when our application for funding was approved. The design of the site has been carefully managed in order that we provide clear, accurate and accessible information to referral organisations, stakeholders and potential service users.

The web designers, RaisingIT, organised a two-day multi-charity workshop in November where site objectives, the look of the site and the structure of the site map were considered. This included identification of the audience, the priorities for the website, the content and structure, mobile responsiveness and the interaction of the site with social media.

A lot of thought was put into ensuring the site is personal and engaging and easy to manoeuvre and that news and events can be reported on in a timely and interesting way. There was also a lot of thought given to promoting fund raising, donations and other support for the valuable work we do.

The design phase ended at Christmas time and since then a lot of work has been going on to populate the site with content; information about our background, our structure, our services, our resources, our impact, case studies, testimonials, videos, news, blogs and a lot more.

We have tried to ensure that the content is targeted, valuable and structured. While this was quite an onerous task and very time consuming, we know that it is important to get the content right in order that the website works as our window to the world!

We hope you will find the new site interesting, engaging and easy to use and we would very much appreciate your feedback on anything you particularly like about the new site or anything you think we could improve. (To provide feedback please use our Feedback form)