Sarah had always been in employment, working mainly in an admin capacity within the emergency services family. She enjoyed a reasonable lifestyle and rented her own home. That was until she became ill with severe debilitating depression and anxiety. Eventually her illness caused her to lose the job that she loved and enjoyed and as a result she had to give up her home as she could not afford the rent. Sarah ended up sofa surfing between friends for several months but of course their good will ran out and on occasion their lifestyle was not one that fitted her own.

Sarah found herself in a position where she was in danger of being street homeless, and that is when she came to DASH for help. During her interview, it became apparent that the most suitable project for Sarah was the Empty Homes Community Grants Programme and she was offered unsupported accommodation in one of our houses in Esh Winning. This gave her stability in the knowledge that she had a home and DASH staff to turn to should she have any problems. Sarah found that her health improved and she started to seek work either as a volunteer or on a more permanent basis. She eventually succeeded in obtaining employment in the Newcastle area where she now lives.

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