Pupils from the Beeches School, Durham, have kindly donated food for inclusion in Welcome Packs. These are packs of food, toiletries and cleaning products which we give to each new resident.

Ian Lockey, a teacher from the school, explained how the children became involved in the donations;

“The money we spent on food and other items was collected by the children by packing bags at ASDA in Spennymoor. They worked for 2 hours packing shopping and asking for donations. £130 was raised.

We cover a few different charitable areas that the children might consider supporting. This year they have chosen to support the Shoe Box Christmas Appeal for children in 3rd World countries and also they wanted to help homeless people.

The children, aged 5-9 years old, have a range of Social, Emotional and Mental Health challenges with which they are supported at The Beeches School”

DASH would like to thank Mr Lockey and the staff and children at the school for their kind donations.