Interview with John

“I was absolutely over the moon to be able to have a place that I could call home.”Read more

Sarah's Story

Sarah found herself in danger of being street homeless, and that is when she came to DASH.Read more

Rob's stay with DASH

Rob lived in the north east and was married with a son. His marriage broke down and he suffered serious depression as a result and was on long term medication.Read more

Nathan's homeless referral

Nathan’s marriage broke up and he found himself “in a really bad place”. He became homeless and found himself sleeping rough.Read more

Case Study: Leanne

Leanne wanted to go to University but she didn’t go because she was in a relationship at the time which she was frightened would end if she went away. Instead she got a job and stayed at home.Read more

Case Study: Michael

Michael is a local man of 50 who was alcohol dependent for around 30 years. Michael has lead an extremely chaotic lifestyle and has had trouble maintaining a tenancy due to undesirable behaviour from himself and his friends.Read more