Marie Therese Pinder - TrusteeRole: Trustee
Appointed: 28/10/2014

Retired Social Worker

Marie-Therese, a Londoner by birth, has spent her adult life in the northeast.
Working firstly as a librarian, then a social worker for many years, she was a long-term board of management member of Three Rivers Housing Association and Four Housing, now part of the Bernicia group, and also a management committee member of Durham Young People's Centre Association.
In recent years she has served firstly as a board member, subsequently a forum member, of the Durham Area Action Partnership, participating in the task and finish groups for the voluntary and community sector, young people, and older people.
She retains links with her university college and enjoys a range of activities connected with her interests in local history and archives, the built environment, exploring the countryside as well as the arts.

Volunteering? You? What, Me?

How does it happen?  

Somebody says would you like to....?  Or you think maybe I could...?  You pick up a leaflet and make a phone call, or you go online and find a website...? 

Somehow or another YOU can be a VOLUNTEER, offering YOUR enthusiasm, creativity, talents, hopes for making something better than it was, helping a friend, adding an activity to a CV, joining in...  The list is endless, as is what happens to YOU, receiving satisfaction, broadening your mind, meeting people, having your ideas challenged, doing things out of your comfort zone, feeling more worthwhile, empowering yourself and others, gaining confidence, social skills, learning something new every day of your life... 

This is the other list that can go on and on, every day, week, month and year of being a VOLUNTEER