patrick-conway-trusteeRole: Trustee
Appointed: 30/10/2012

Former County Councillor (Durham County Council)

Formerly a local government corporate chief officer for 23 years, Patrick recently provided executive support to the Leader of Durham County Council. Involved with Citizens Advice for over 30 years, as chair oversaw the integration of seven bureaux to form County Durham Citizens Advice.
Has ten years part time teaching experience with the Open University in the social sciences. Appointed OBE in 2007. Interests include sport, walking the hills of northern England, jazz, the arts generally and World War One.

Interview with... Patrick

How long have you been a trustee for DASH and what caused you to become involved? 

Seven years. Was chair of the AAP and guided through a funding application for a feasibility study that enabled DASH to apply, successfully for a government grant that enabled additional properties to be purchased. Was impressed by the work of the organisation which registered with my social values 

What does the DASH Management Committee do?

Directs the organisation, sets policy, scrutinises operations. In short has the legal and financial responsibilities for the organisation as set out in the constitution and objects 

What is your role and what does it involve?

As a trustee have legal and financial responsibilities to ensure the organisation is sustainable. Contribute ideas to forward planning and policy development. Given the location of many DASH operations have an understanding of immediate community/ social matters that affect Gilesgate/Gilesgate Moor and the organisation 

What do you like most about your role?

Developing policy and trying to promote the work of DASH in the wider community and with key funding and political organisations 

What are the most challenging parts of the role?

Ensuring that however well meaning the work of the organisation is, DASH is pragmatic in its operations and remains politically astute.  

What positives and challenges do you see for DASH in the current economic and political climate?

Positively, as long as DASH continues to develop a wider community profile and engage with other bodies, its excellent work will become increasingly recognised and supported. I do feel DASH has improved significantly its management, policy development and profile. Inevitably there are financial challenges and the impact of universal credit remains an unknown quantity but as one of the few bodies in the region tackling single homelessness, particularly for the more vulnerable, I feel the future is bright.