Role: Trustee
Appointed: 28/05/19

Solicitor at EDF Renewables


I am an in-house Solicitor at EDF Renewables working on both onshore and offshore renewable technologies. I studied French at Leeds University and spent a year teaching English in France, but otherwise I have lived in Durham all of my life. 

I wanted to get involved with DASH after interacting with others in need. I am hoping that the skills that I have developed in my job will be beneficial in my role as trustee on the DASH Management Committee. I look forward to working with the other committee members to make a difference in the local community, and to contribute to the great work that DASH does.

An interview with…

How long have you been a trustee for DASH and what caused you to become involved?

I have only been a trustee for DASH for 3 months, having officially been made a full board member at the end of the May 2019 board meeting. I decided to become involved with DASH as I was looking for ways to volunteer with a homelessness charity in the Durham area. I spotted that DASH were looking for trustees, and I felt that this would be a way of contributing that I could fit around my full time job.

What does the DASH Management Committee do?

The DASH Management Committee is responsible for governing DASH and directing how it is managed and run in accordance with its constitutional documents. In order to do this, the Committee meets on a bi-monthly basis to, amongst other things, review: the managers’ reports, business development, and financial information.

What is your role and what does it involve?

My role as trustee involves being a member of the DASH Management Committee, attending the regular Committee meetings, and acting collectively with the other trustees to govern DASH and take decisions. Trustees also get involved in wider events organised by the charity such as fundraising.  

What do you like most about your role?

I like working with, and learning from, the other DASH Management Committee members to support the great work carried out by the people who work at DASH.

What are the most challenging parts of the role?

It’s a bit early to say what the most challenging parts of the role are at this stage. As a new trustee, the main challenge is to get up to speed with what the charity does and how it is managed.

What positives and challenges do you see for DASH in the current economic and political climate?

A big challenge for DASH, as with other charities, is the uncertainty surrounding our exit from the European Union. This has also led to a challenging economic environment. DASH therefore has to prepare for continued dependence on the support it provides.