We are a small independent charity that provides accommodation with support to people who are homeless or are about to become homeless. We believe that:

Everyone, regardless of circumstances, should have a fundamental right to a place of shelter, and help to rebuild their life.

Here at DASH we are very grateful for the support we get through donations, fundraising, volunteering and sponsorship to deliver our services and achieve our goals. As local authority funding inevitably reduces and the costs of providing our invaluable service increase, we need to identify alternative income sources in order to maintain service delivery and help sustain the charity.

There are several ways you can contribute to the work we do:

  • Donate – it’s quick and easy to make a one-off donation or a regular donation here.
  • If you have any unwanted gifts such as clothes (particularly jumpers, hats, gloves & scarves), toiletries, chocolates, sweets or anything else which you don’t want or need and would be happy to pass on to our residents, then please get in touch.
  • Fundraise – if you would like to help us to fundraise please get in touch to discuss current opportunities.
  • Sponsorship - we are particularly interested in talking to businesses about ways in which we can provide attractive private sector sponsorship opportunities.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – we are able to offer a range of CSR opportunities which suit your organisation and at the same time help us to deliver our valuable services
  • Volunteering – we have a variety of volunteering opportunities to suit your skills, experience and personal preferences. Just get in touch for a non-obligatory chat.

How you can sponsor us

Sponsorship is a great way to support the work of DASH and therefore help our service users rebuild their lives. It’s a fantastic way to get closely involved in the work we do, help make a difference and at the same time raise the profile of your own organisation.

There are a number of ways you can sponsor us:

Sponsor our website

Our brand new, cutting edge, mobile friendly website will attract a lot more attention, not only from people working in housing and homelessness but from other areas of work and life both regionally and nationally. We are looking for appropriate organisations to sponsor the website in return for advertising and promotional opportunities.

Sponsor an event

Why not get involved with an event to raise money for DASH? Over the coming years we plan to organise a series of events from running, walking and cycling to coffee mornings, bring and buy sales, concerts and other similar events. We are looking for appropriate organisations to sponsor events through donations and other support in return for advertising and promotional opportunities.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

DASH can provide a number of opportunities for CSR. We would welcome the opportunity to provide organisations with CSR days or individual employee CSR opportunities. We are open to suggestions on how your business might get involved depending on what you and your employees would like to do and what you are able to contribute. This may include providing administrative support, assisting with office functions and management, helping with property repairs and maintenance, painting & decorating flats or helping out with events and fundraising activities.

We are also recruiting volunteers and would welcome the opportunity to discuss employee volunteering schemes with appropriate local employers.

To discuss any of these opportunities please contact Trevor Atkinson on 0191 3845073 [email protected]

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