The Community Homes on the Map Enabler Hub will provide face-to-face support to local groups who want to provide community led housing. The Hub will offer peer support, technical support, links with specialist suppliers and advice on best practice sharing.

What is Community Led Housing?

  • Community led housing is where local people join together to look at housing issues in their local area
  • This starts with the community identifying what is needed, such as there aren’t enough starter homes for people to buy, there are too may empty properties or that there aren’t enough affordable homes to rent
  • The community can then play a leading role in solving these housing problems by exploring the needs of their community and helping to provide new homes in the area.

You have an idea but don’t know what to do?

How we can help

  • Give you advice on how to set up a community led housing group
  • Help you find the right people in your area to join the project
  • Help you access funding and support for the project
  • Link you with our teams and partners who will be able to offer advice on your project and help you meet our community’s needs

Contact Details

Telephone 0191 691 4136

Email [email protected]