We are delighted to announce that DASH has become registered as a provider of social housing.

As you know, DASH provides accommodation and support for homeless people and people at risk of homelessness, however from now on the charity will also be providing affordable homes for local people. As a Registered Provider of Social Housing we will develop our capacity to build or refurbish properties to rent as affordable homes for local families.

With all the bad news about the Coronavirus pandemic we are pleased to report some welcome good news.

Social housing gives people a home. It's cheaper to rent than privately rented housing and usually provides a long-term tenancy, giving renters the chance to put down roots. Social landlords tend to be councils or housing associations.

Being a Registered Provider of Social Housing will be an extension to the work the charity already does in providing accommodation and support for homeless people and people at risk of homelessness. This excellent service will continue to be delivered and will be unaffected by the development of an affordable housing arm to the organisation.

Of those who begin the application process most – around 80% – do not become a registered provider. In the great majority of cases this is because the application has been withdrawn or not pursued as the applicant has better understood what registration with the Regulator means.

The Regulator of Social Housing regulates registered providers of social housing to promote a viable, efficient and well-governed social housing sector able to deliver homes that meet a range of needs.

The regulator undertakes economic regulation, focusing on governance, financial viability and value for money that maintains lender confidence and protects the taxpayer. They also set consumer standards and may take action if these standards are breached and there is a significant risk of serious detriment to tenants or potential tenants.

Registered providers of social housing include not-for-profit organisations such as housing associations and cooperatives, local authorities as well as for-profit providers.

As a Registered Provider of Social Housing DASH will expand into the provision of affordable housing for local people including community led housing schemes which will provide the right kind of accommodation to meet the specific needs of local families.

When the pandemic is over we look forward to working hard to provide accommodation and support for homeless people and people at risk of homelessness and to deliver affordable homes for local families in County Durham.

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