Two DASH residents recently completed training in formal debating through a Durham University project called Second Chance. The project is intended to help people to learn new skills and student members of Durham Union Society, the university’s main debating society, worked with people from charities including DASH and Free the Way which is based in Seaham and helps recovering addicts into independent living. The project lasted for seven weeks and members of the Society coached and mentored the participants leading up to a debate in the university’s debating chamber in Palace Green.

One of our residents who attended the project said; ‘Representing DASH on this course was always a role I took very seriously, and at the final debate for the president of the Union Society to personally compliment me after it had finished made me so happy. The students that delivered this training are a credit to Durham University as they were very approachable answering all our queries and being supportive throughout, including respecting all the participants personal opinions and views. I never thought I would gain as much from the training programme as I did.’

Quentin Sloper, director of the university’s Experience Durham team, said “It’s great to see our students using their love of debating to help people in local communities”.