I knew that I wanted a worthwhile and versatile volunteering opportunity to complement my postgraduate studies at Durham University. Coming from the North-East, I was one of the few students who was aware of the socioeconomic conditions prevalent in the area that had led to the necessity for organisations like DASH. After some research into the mission and services provided by DASH, I decided that I could transfer my previous skills in qualitative research, particularly interviewing, to my role as a volunteer. I have helped in a range of areas, from interviewing potential residents to manning the social media page of the organisation; from working to establish ties with my college at Durham to organising fundraisers within the college and my own community.

Volunteering with DASH has been a highly personalised experience, with the freedom and flexibility to work on the projects that I could benefit from the most and provide the most effective volunteering service possible. I was able to conduct a qualitative research at DASH that was symbiotic to the organisation and my own MA course, I will also be able to use the interviewing skills that I have been patiently taught in beginning my PhD this coming year. DASH is a fantastic organisation with a welcoming and lively team, I would recommend them as an organisation to volunteer for.