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Compliments, Complaints and Suggestions

“Hi, my friend David pointed me in your direction – I think you’re the right people to thank for helping me on Thursday when I had a freeze on Churchill Square? I just wanted to say I really appreciated everyone bring so friendly and non-sensationalist about it. I have freezes daily, and it can be a real nuisance when it happens outside, so it was such a relief when I was found by such nice and helpful people.

Thank you all so much,


Whilst DASH strives to provide a quality service, it recognises that there may be times when a resident wishes to complain about an aspect of the service, or someone (a resident or non-resident) wishes to make a complaint about DASH or a suggestion about how we might improve our services.

Compliments and suggestions are always welcome. DASH recognises that complaints and suggestions can be a useful tool in evaluating and improving our service provision.

DASH is committed to ensuring that the process for customer feedback is clear, simple, and accessible. We will handle feedback in a timely and effective way and ensure that anyone providing feedback is listened to and their views acted upon where appropriate.

The DASH Compliments, Complaints and Suggestions procedure can be viewed HERE

A ‘compliment’ is an expression of satisfaction with a service that we, or anyone acting on our behalf have provided. This could be satisfaction with an individual member of staff, the DASH team, or a service area. We will reply in writing to acknowledge a written compliment.

A ‘suggestion’ is an innovative idea that is acted upon to change the way we deliver our services for the benefit of the wider audience such as a change in policy or processes.

We will reply in writing to acknowledge a written suggestion.

We will regularly publicise our performance on how we manage compliments, complaints and suggestions.

Compliments, complaints and suggestions can be made in the following ways:

  • face to face with any member of the DASH Team
  • by telephone (0191) 384 5073
  • in writing – Hudson House, Gort Place, Gilesgate, Durham DH1 1EY
  • via social media
  • via a Councillor or MP or other third party.
  • by using the feedback form on our website HERE

Your support is critical to ensuring we can continue accommodating and supporting the homeless people we work with.

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