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Jess – volunteer

Hello, I am Jess.  I am a second year Business and Financial Management student at the University of Sunderland.  I am a mature student, and I knew, when I took the leap into university life from full time work, I would need to find an extra focus to keep me busy.  I started off working in a local charity shop which supported the homeless, but I wanted to be more involved and develop my skills.

2020 came around and seeing the devastating impact the pandemic had on people was hard enough, but for those on the street it was much more dangerous, due to their vulnerability and lack of access to healthcare and support.  I knew of the work that DASH did and was given the opportunity to join the volunteer team. In my time at DASH I have been involved in such things as planning and leading fundraising projects, co-ordinating canvassing projects, social media and website management, database and document management, and writing newsletter articles.

I have very much enjoyed the work I have carried out over the last 9 months, but I look forward to being able to get back out in the world and get more hands on with the work DASH do, and to continue working closely with the incredible team they have built.

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