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At present DASH has a Management Team of two people; Janet Boyle and Trevor Atkinson. Janet is Operational Manager with responsibility for staff and operations at the various properties DASH either own or rent. Trevor is Business Development Manager with responsibility for funding applications and business development and improvement initiatives. The Management Team, together with the Finance Officer, Heather Witham, report to the DASH Management Committee at their monthly meetings.

Janet Boyle - Operational Manager

Role: Operational Manager
Appointed: 2002

Janet’s first job was in the DHSS administering payments and National Insurance contributions.

Janet has worked for DASH since 2002 having previously worked as a housing manager for young people. She also worked for an NHS Trust supporting people with challenging behaviour in their own homes.

For 8 years Janet worked in employment training, assisting people to obtain qualifications and find suitable jobs. Prior to that she managed a project through the Opportunities for Volunteers Programme through the British Council of Churches for housebound, elderly and lonely people.

In her spare time Janet enjoys the cinema, walking her dog and aqua fit.

Trevor Atkinson - Business Development Manager

Role: Strategic and Business Development Manager
Appointed: 2016

Trevor joined DASH in May 2016 to provide business development support and help to increase the organisations income.

Trevor started his career in the public sector where he worked for 15 years as a Landscape Architect and Manager for Cumbria County Council.

He has also worked in the private sector as Director of an environmental consultancy. Trevor has also worked as a self-employed contractor, consultant and trainer.

In recent years Trevor has worked for charities in Cumbria and the North East in roles such as Project Manager and Fundraiser

Most recently he was Acting Chief Executive with Gateshead Voluntary Organisations Council.

In his spare time Trevor enjoys walking, running, drawing and painting.