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Natasha – volunteer

Hi, I’m Natasha.

I have always been acutely aware of how fortunate I was to grow up in a secure household and so I wanted to personally contribute to combatting the deprivation that is the grim reality for so many.

I am currently studying English Literature at Durham University and upon commencing undergraduate study, I swiftly realised how busy and all-consuming student life can be. I decided that it was important to me to do something that advanced a cause beyond the scope of my daily life.

My chance to study at university rendered me more mindful of the women who do not grow up in an environment of domestic stability and receive educational opportunities. Therefore, when I began to look into local volunteering opportunities, it was the Vulnerable Women’s Project that instigated my desire to volunteer with DASH. When I learned more about the practical work that DASH does to directly improve the lives of the disadvantaged in Durham, I knew immediately that I wanted to get involved.

I had never lived in Durham prior to attending university but I felt that I wanted to do something in the interest of the city that would be my home for three years. As a literature student, I hoped that I might be able to use my passion for the written word to assist with the invaluable work undertaken by DASH. Indeed, the breadth of tasks encompassed by the charity’s mission enables everyone to play to their individual strengths, while working together towards the shared goal of eliminating homelessness. The perspicacity of leadership and clarity of structure that governs DASH’s operation maximises the efficiency of all that is done here. This makes every completed task feel like a truly meaningful step towards furthering the dignity, and improving the quality of life, of Durham’s homeless. The selflessness and indefatigable resolve that characterises the work carried out by the organisation has inspired me throughout every aspect of my experience with DASH.

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