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Our Vulnerable Women’s Project gets a splash of paint!

We are grateful to the Henry Smith Trust for their kind donation towards the internal decoration of our Vulnerable Women’s Project (VWP). 

The flats and communal areas at the VWP have been looking tired and in need of a refresh for some time. Generous funds from the Henry Smith Charity have enabled us to begin the work.

Henry Smith was a prominent citizen of Durham City in the Sixteenth Century. He died in 1598 at a time when Elizabeth 1 was on the throne and in his will he left his considerable personal wealth, including some coalmines, to be used for the benefit of the City of Durham.

The current objects of the Charity are “to provide for the education and relief in need of the inhabitants of the City of Durham”.

“The current Trustees are delighted to be able, in a modest way, to continue to seek to achieve the aims of Henry Smith. The Charity’s funds are now considerably reduced following the sale of land in the last Century but the overriding aim is to ensure that the Charity endures for many years to come.”

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