The following testimonials are from our residents:

I must sincerely thank all of the staff at DASH for providing me with the opportunity to live in one of their properties and to work with their team who have been fantastic


Thankyou very much for everything you have done for me, I am so gratefull that you gave me somewhere to live, Sorry for Some of the daft things I did


To Janet, thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I know you have faught my corner when I was the big mouth girl with the pink hair, well not no more. I will never forget what you have done for me. Love always


I would like to say that first met DASH and Shannon 2012. She has helped us in all ways. My brother was very poorly and had no where to live. DASH give my brother a flat and helped us to get his benefits and meds. DASH all so attended meetings with us for his mental health

Catherine (Sean's sister)

I am wrighting this as praise for Shannon and John for all there help and profefenalizem in the support they have given me and continue to and so, all through out my 2 hospital addmitances when I was very ill and to say that Shannon is a valued and essencel member of DASH team

Sean (Catherine's brother)

I have found the staff friendly and helpful. If it was not for DASH I would be on the streets and probably back on the drink or worse. I think the rules about no guests is good and has helped me have the strength to say no to hangers on now that I have my own place


My name is Stephen and I have lived in a DASH property since February 2012. Before that I had been renting from a private landlord. I couldn’t stay there as the landlord wanted the property for a family member and I was issued with a notice. As a single male I discovered that my housing priority wasn’t high, and being on benefits I couldn’t afford the bond and rent in advance that most private landlords ask for, not to mention that a lot of them don’t want people on benefits anyway.

It was looking more and more likely that I would be homeless and on the streets, which is very frightening at any time but is even more worrying in February in the cold and wet.

I spoke to a councillor about my situation and found out later that he had contacted DASH on my behalf and asked if they could help. Thanks to the councillor and DASH, I didn’t end up on the street, instead I was offered a flat in Harry Mears House which gave me the peace of mind to plan for my future. My key worker John Branthwaite has worked closely with me since moving in and I am now ready to move into my own home in October,

I can only say that my life would have been very different if there weren’t organisations like DASH.


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