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DASH began life as the Durham Cyrenians in 1972, part of the national Cyrenians organisation. It was founded by people who were concerned about the plight of single homeless men.

Short stay accommodation was provided in rented houses. Young male and female volunteers lived in the projects helping and supporting residents. They received free board and pocket money in return for their efforts.

This continued until the mid-1980s but increasing difficulties in recruiting suitable volunteer workers and the changing nature of homelessness meant the organisation had to change. Professional, salaried staff were employed, paid for with funding from national charities.

In 1988 Durham Cyrenians changed its name to Durham Action on Single Housing (DASH).

The main office was at Harry Mears House which was a property that provided shared accommodation to tenants.

From 2002 DASH began to expand by purchasing houses to provide accommodation for short and long stay tenants.  This expansion also required staff recruitment to ensure suitable support was provided to the growing number of occupants.

In 2006 the Churchill Square Emergency Accommodation scheme was launched. The flats, owned by Durham City Homes, were refurbished and used for accommodating people in immediate need, referred from the Council. The property has since become the base for our Vulnerable Women’s Project.

2008 saw the introduction of floating support as part of the Stonham Housing Durham Homestay project.  The organisation continued to provide this support on a sub-contract basis until 2016 when reductions in council funding forced Stonham to end their relationship with DASH and the staff involved in the project were transferred to Stonham Housing.

DASH continues to grow as an organisation and to buy and lease properties to house people with housing need, including people with mental health issues.  It remains committed to helping single homeless people and staff work closely with occupants to provide relevant support to meet individual needs.

In 2012 the Senior manager at DASH sadly passed away and the management of the organisation shifted to the two Operational Managers and the Finance and Resources Officer. This arrangement was successful and was therefore formalised by the DASH Board in 2014.

2012 was also a year of celebration as it was the 40th Anniversary of the organisation.

The various DASH projects have the capacity to house over 50 people. We can do this thanks to the commitment and dedication of all DASH staff and volunteers, which currently comprises of a Voluntary Management Committee, eighteen paid staff and a number of volunteer workers.

Since its foundation in 1972, DASH remains firmly committed to helping single homeless people and DASH staff work closely with these people to help them to achieve independent living or to remain in an existing tenancy.

DASH is proud of a tradition where essential life changing chances are encouraged and supported.  The organisation has evolved in to an efficient, professional, and supportive provider with specialist skills and resources aiding adaptation to increasing demands and ever-changing needs.

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