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Testimonials from our residents

The following testimonials are from our residents:

Dash have done nothing but support me from start to finish. When I first arrived I was rock bottom and had nobody at all to turn to, but dash helped me with providing a roof over my head, they helped with advice regarding benefits as well as supporting me to get back to work. I would never be in the position I am now if it wasn’t for the help and support they have provided and I can’t thank them enough.

David G

Since arriving at DASH things have improved greatly where I live at Harry Mears House. In March 2022 new double-glazed windows were installed. All the flats now have new showers and flooring. Also, in June new kitchens were fitted to replace the old outdated ones and the walls and ceilings were painted. New external composite doors were fitted in July with security locks and bolts which makes it a safer place to live. Also, a new CCTV security system was installed which monitors the perimeter of the building and the hallways inside.

I would thoroughly recommend DASH.

A DASH resident

I have been with DASH services since November 2021 when I was really struggling with my mental health and alcohol problems.

Since my arrival I have improved greatly. I had a n alcohol misuse councillor an d a mental health support worker and I have not had a drink since January and I have been discharged from both the alcohol and mental health services due to the massive improvement I have made.

The DASH staff have been really supportive during my time here and a veryu big thanks you has to be given to Rachel Wilkin who looks after the eight residents in the flats where I live at Dragonville. Rachel has been brilliant and is always willing to help you and all she asks is that you are willing to help yourself as well, a true credit to DASH.


I came to dash after a relationship break down I have been in various propertys due to there help and support I am now in a position to move into social housing and live independently.


I came to dash after been released from prison. I had a lot of anxiety about my future and how to move forward. Since coming to DASH i have engaged with the services on offer and its had a massive positive impact on my life. Moving forward with the support I will be moving on into social housing in the next year.


“Thank you for absolutely everything. My journey started with you and because of your help I’ve now got a stable home and custody of my son. You will never understand how grateful I am. I hope many more girls like me get to realise their dreams.”


“I have lived in a DASH property since February 2012. Before that I had been renting from a private landlord. I couldn’t stay there as the landlord wanted the property for a family member and I was issued with a notice. As a single male I discovered that my housing priority wasn’t high, and being on benefits I couldn’t afford the bond and rent in advance that most private landlords ask for, not to mention that a lot of them don’t want people on benefits anyway. Thanks to a councillor and DASH, I didn’t end up on the street, instead I was offered a flat which gave me the peace of mind to plan for my future.


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