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Our mission

Everyone, regardless of circumstances, should have a fundamental right to a place of shelter, and help to rebuild their life.

We are an independent charity that provides accommodation with support to people who are homeless or are about to become homeless.

The objects of the charity:

The provision of charitable social housing

To promote the care, education and training of people with a mental or physical disability

DASH has been making a positive intervention on single homelessness since 1972.

We do this through;

  • the provision of Supported Housing
  • a project specifically for vulnerable women facing multiple complex needs
  • enhanced housing management services
  • the provision of affordable shared housing for homeless people and people in housing need.

We are able to accommodate people in a variety of properties on short, medium, or long-term agreements.  Our aim is to provide a supportive and stable environment to give people the best chance of addressing the problems that caused their homelessness and give people the opportunity to move into independence.

“The staff have been excellent, I can’t give them enough praise, you’ve been very kind and helpful, thank you”

Rob Stevenson

 “If it hadn’t been for DASH I’d be on the streets or in hospital. DASH has provided me with a safe and secure home where I’m happy. Staff help me with everything, my benefits, my finances, my doctor and hospital appointments. I can’t do these on my own because of my mental health” 

Stephen Tate


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