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Durham County Council (DCC) are our main commissioners. We deliver most of our supported housing services with funding from the Adult Services programme which is managed by DCC.

DASH gratefully receives donations from a variety of individuals, schools, church groups, charities and other organisations including many donations of clothing, food and other useful items. We are also helped by volunteers and students on placement. In particular we would like to thank the following for their continued support through regular financial and other donations:

  • St. John’s Church, Neville’s Cross
  • St. Andrew’s Methodist Church, Brandon
  • Brancepeth PCC
  • Brancepeth Village Hall Association
  • The Durham Cathedral Charitable Trust
  • Kelloe Primary School
  • Anne Windsor, If You Care Share

These are some of the reasons people who have made donations have given:

 “To pass on my winter fuel allowance”

“The brilliant work that DASH tirelessly undertakes in support of those in our local community to those who need them most”

“Supporting a wonderful and essential local charity”


“One of Tesco’s main business priorities is to reduce food waste across the UK.

Our community food connection programme, in liason with foodshare and food cloud, links our store with local charities who can turn our surplus food into meals for people in need.

Our Tesco team, at the Durham store, are proud to work closely with local charities, including DASH, to provide meals for local people in need.

Last year we provided over 16,000 meal solutions to local charities and are hoping to provide even more meals this year.”

Community Champion, Tesco

There are too many people and organisations to name here and they change constantly, but thank you to all of you!

If you would like to help us by making contributions of food, clothing, furniture or other useful products and goods, please contact us

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