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Brian’s story

I arrived at DASH wanting a fresh start with support for housing, my welfare, my benefits and take control of my life as it was spiralling in the wrong direction. I had previously been involved with people that were not good influences on me and was now at an age where I wanted my life to be stable and trouble free. I felt I needed to move away from any bad influences which meant I was caught up in things that were not helping me. My anxiety and substance use were slowly increasing, and I did not want to become dependant on these things.

With the help of DASH and their support and guidance throughout I have managed to stay extremely motivated in what I wanted to do with my life. I desperately wanted my own place to call home and live close to my sister in a better area where everything was there for me without having to go into areas which I felt were not best for me. I did not have a single incident whilst at DASH in an area where I did not know anyone. I have found that I am happier in my own company.

This all came true this year. My anxiety levels are almost gone and my usage of other things to get me through a dark time were now not an issue for me. I was encouraged to get out and about each day whilst at DASH and continue to do daily walks. I now look after myself better as feel my life has turned around. I always paid my rent on time, and this went some way in getting me the place I wanted. The daily support encouraged me to continue trying to better myself. My DASH home was always clean and tidy.

 I now have a home close to my sister in a Village that has everything I need. I still need to budget well as grants are not as available as they were before the pandemic and starting afresh is expensive. I am lucky that I have family close by all. DASH helped with the move contacting Welfare Assistance so that I received some things like a cooker that are a necessity.

Thank you to all staff at DASH for making it all possible.

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